Gel Nails

Gel nail polish is the latest in nails. Your nails will be coated with a super hard gel coat that wont chip, smudge or crack. They can also use your own nails as a base so your nails grow underneath the polish. Set using a UV lamp gel polish is super hard in seconds without visible brush strokes and is perfect in making sure your nails look perfect from the moment you leave the salon and a long time afterwards. Here at Beeyoutiful we use Harmony Gelish polish for a flawless high quality finish to your nails.

Gelish Nails ( Hands or Feet ) – £20.00

If you have existing Gel nails and simply want them removing. We can soak them off give you a file and give your cuticles an oil.

Gelish Nail Soakoff – £7.50


Just a Polish – £6.00

Using regular nail polish our beautician will polish your nails, simple, no fuss.

Mini Manicure – £10.00
Mini Manicure with a French Polish – £12.00

A dry cuticle push-back , your nails filed to shape, followed by a standard polish of your choice.

Full Manicure – £ 15.00
Full Manicure with a French Polish – £17.00

Your nails soaked, a relaxing hand massage, followed by cuticle work nails filed into shape and a standard polish of your choice.

Luxury Manicure – £20.00

Our highest level nail treatment. Your hands will be exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells this leaves your hands feeling silky soft and youthful. Follow by a luxurious hand and arm massage relax and aid circulation. Followed by a full manicure and finished off with a standard polish of your choice. The ultimate way to treat your hands.

Add gelish nails onto any of our manicures for just £10 extra.