Threading is a form of hair removal that original comes from the far east. The preferred hair removal technique of the stars. Threading is one of the gentlest kinds of hair removal available, people say it feels a bit like having a few hairs tweezered at once. Its a relatively pain free way of removing unwanted hair, usually from your eyebrows, but is just as effective at hair removal from other parts of the face such as upper lip, chin.

Using a fine cotton thread our highly trained beautician can remove hair quickly and precisely and with a degree of accuracy that you just simply do not get using traditional hair removal techniques. Using the thread it is possible to catch some of the finest hairs ensuring your treatment lasts as long as possible. Depending on the thickness of your hair this can be up to 5 – 6 weeks.

Have a chat with our friendly beautician Bianca about how you want your brows to look. She will be happy to advise you in how to shape your brows so the are perfect and on point every day of the week

Threading Prices

Threaded Eyebrow Reshape – £8.00
Threaded Eyebrow Tidyup – £5.00
Upperlip Threading – £5.00
Chin Threading – £5.00
Full Face Threading (Not Including Eyebrows) – £12.50